An archival surfer’s tale, a new book on surfing — and helping hands across the public-sewer-vs.-septic-tanks debate in Stinson Beach, Los Osos, Malibu …

We are baffled — and smiling helplessly — as we wonder who on earth could have made our blog a tip-off for medical salesmen on a site we had never heard of, ‘Perfectleads,’ which claims to depend on ‘verified contacts from LinkedIn’. There’s just one small problem, here: we have never registered our site with the ladder-climbers’ social network. Which does not mean we are ungrateful for help with getting out the word out:

Company Description: Caveat emptor: a tale of horror in luxury on the California coast

Industries: Medical Practice [ Ed.: who knew?! ]

Technologies: is using 10 Technologies.

Fine art that smells follows a bizarre legal battle in The New York Times science pages … but could a real-life sewage argument in Stinson Beach be weirder yet?

… Perhaps the unquestionably original Belgian multi-media specialist, Peter De Cupere, should be given a special commission for one of his olfactory creations — for a Stinson Beach public art installation?

Nothing about his work makes less than perfect sense to us, even if it is superficially bizarre — and certainly pioneering. ‘When you walk into an installation with scent, you cannot hide,’ he told The New York Times. ‘Your body starts to react.’

Exactly. Naming this site ‘Pooh!’ required no cogitation whatsoever. The title arrived in a flash — as if in a feat of automatic writing transmitted directly from nose to typing fingers.

Why do householders in the Seadrift Association of Marin – one of America’s richest counties – choose to live with hazardous ‘Third World’ sewage disposal systems?

We know how it worries environmentalists. What would Dayo Olopade – a Knight Law & Media Scholar at Yale and highly-praised Nigerian-American author – think of the aggressive, polluting and potentially homicidal anti-development strategy of Stinson Beach? In saying homicidal,… Read More ›

Did our landlords** in coastal California set a real life ‘Crap Detection 101 ’ test too hard for even eagle-eyed would-be renters?

Can search engines stand in for guardian angels in community life, protecting us from harm by making it easy to tip each other off about potential risks? … Usually, yes. But what about a business operator who sets out to mislead potential customers deliberately – and gets an unwary quasi-governmental organization not just to give that lie its blessing, but publish the misinformation online, with its seal of official authority?