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Wanted: a Tripadvisor equivalent for reviewing landlords – not just in California’s Stinson Beach

What renters everywhere need is an idea proposed in Britain three years ago by a government watchdog, Consumer Focus, for a renters’ equivalent of the indispensable Tripadvisor site on which travellers post detailed reviews of hotels all over the world. As this statutory body — formed by the Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act of 2007 – has emphasised, there is a massive imbalance in information-seeking power that hugely favours landlords.

Why do householders in the Seadrift Association of Marin – one of America’s richest counties – choose to live with hazardous ‘Third World’ sewage disposal systems?

We know how it worries environmentalists. What would Dayo Olopade – a Knight Law & Media Scholar at Yale and highly-praised Nigerian-American author – think of the aggressive, polluting and potentially homicidal anti-development strategy of Stinson Beach? In saying homicidal,… Read More ›

Public service announcement: a surfer’s guide for newcomers to Pooh! A tale of horror in luxury on the California coast 

This is the twelfth post on a blog through which we – Advocat and Scriba — hope to save other people from experiences like ours of sewage backflows which, as we show, can happen in a gilt-edged gated community like the Seadrift Association in Marin County’s Stinson Beach.

Creating and updating this record became essential after the principal owner of the Seadrift house, the scene of the dramas, made a misleading public announcement about the lawsuit we were obliged to file in the wake of the trauma.

Did a landlord-cum-real-estate-broker in coastal California set a real life ‘Crap Detection 101 ’ test too hard for even eagle-eyed would-be renters?

Can search engines stand in for guardian angels in community life, protecting us from harm by making it easy to tip each other off about potential risks? … Usually, yes. But what about a business operator who sets out to mislead potential customers deliberately – and gets an unwary quasi-governmental organization not just to give that lie its blessing, but publish the misinformation online, with its seal of official authority?


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